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This is a live post from the Kram palexpo, where the World Summit on the Information Society is being held. I’m currently on a tour in the ICT4ALL section where countries and companies from all over the world have put up their shiny stands and presentations, scattered leaflets right and left…etc.

It’s been great meeting a number of old friends from other countries, as well as some new interesting people from all over the world.

There’s certainly a lot of interesting stuff and ideas floating around.

I’ll be taking some photos and writing more about this later, as I still have a lot to see and more people to meet.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

7 thoughts on “Quick Blog From WSIS”

  1. I was there too 😀 I should blog about it but ‘m too tired now!!
    I’d like to go back after tomorrow for the conference on Mesh networking.. But I’ll have to get there by myself, I don’t know yet how..I wonder if there are buses in town..
    P.s In which stand are you, or are you a ‘visitor’?

  2. Tom, thanks man 🙂

    Koffiekitten, I’ll be writing more about this and posting pictures too 🙂

    Emina, I’m not in any of the stands. You could say I’m a visitor, although I know a lot of people there that I’ve been meeting and I’m participating in some parallel events.
    What stand are you in?

  3. I’m a visitor :))
    Marouen, I passed twice by the Youth pavilion and didn’t see you.. Looking forward to your report!!
    I hope I’ll be able to go back after tomorrow.. There may be buses in town.. But aparently there are not very well-organized.. any infos?

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