Top 10 ways to look busy at work

1- walk really fast when you are going anywhere as to appear something important is going to happen

2- carry a notebook with you at all times. seems like you are suppose to be somewhere taking notes. if at your desk keep it open with a pen on it

3- keep your headset on if you are in your cubicle

4- actually do work but that defeats the purpose. okay more later. any suggestions?

5- shuffle papers

6- look pissed off

7- put up a do not disturb sign when you are browsing the web

8- continually click on a pen

9- walk around with your laptop open, side note: take your laptop home and say you are WFH (working from home)

10- open up Microsoft Word and write blog entries to post later

[Via: 2:48AM, Okdork]

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