Le DVD Mobile

Today on our way back from a work meeting, a friend told me about this new service in Tunisia called “Le DVD Mobile” (The Mobile DVD).

“Le DVD Mobile” is a sort of Tunisian Netflix. It’s a service that delivers rented DVDs to your doorstep.

The process is as follows: You subscribe online to one of their plans, and then order DVDs, from their catalog, either online, by SMS or by phone.
The DVDs are then delivered to your doorstep the following day, and then collected again from your doorstep according to the date you specify when you ordered them.

Another option is that the DVDs get sent to you through the Tunisian post, and then you send them back by post too in the pre-stamped parcel that comes with them.

Their prices are very interesting and competitive, they have movies that were newly released on DVD, and the timing of delivery and flexibility is great.
What else could anyone want?
I’ll sure be checking them out.

I’m really happy to see such services pop up in Tunisia and I truly hope more people will try to use the internet to make their businesses more exciting, more accessible, more flexible and more competitive.

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