Tunisian Handicrafts

I really admire handicrafts and think they’re marvellous works of art.

I remember when I was a kid, after school, I’d go to my grandmother’s house where I’d have lunch then go for my Arabic lessons. After I was done with my Arabic lessons, I’d just go wandering around discovering new places in the city.

One of the places I discovered and loved passing by every now and then was a little workshop where a number of men would be sitting on stools working on these beautiful copper plates. With a small hammer and chisel, they tapped away, carving all these amazing shapes and texts with magnificent calligraphy.

I’d just say hi and stand there watching and admiring their work. It was really so inspiring.
To this day, whenever I pass through the souks in the old medina of Tunis and see all the copper plates with their different designs, my memories take me back to that little workshop where I saw that art being created.

Copper Plate

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