Trackback Spam

If there’s anything I hate more than email spam and comment spam, then it must be trackback spam!

I’m getting bucket loads of trackback spam these days.
Just this morning I found around 40 linking to a bunch of porn, beastiality, fetish, gambling sites and what not.

The problem is that after the problem I had with my blog last August, MT-Blacklist, the plugin that I use to take care of comment and trackback spam, just stopped working efficiently on trackbacks because of some irregularities in the database that I only got to sort out this morning.

But still, even with the spam plugin, it’s very annoying.
Sometimes it just makes me feel like disabling all trackbacks from the blog, even though I don’t want to.

Being in a somehow violent mood after watching “Kill Bill” again last night, I wish I could go on a similar quest to rid the world of spammers.
I’ll have to pass by Japan first to get my Hattori Hanzo Katana though. And then the slashing begins…

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