Hurricane Katrina, The Aftermath

Over the past week, like everyone else, I’ve been watching a lot of the news and the devastation that hurricane Katrina has left behind it.

Lives, buildings, houses, businesses, lands and the long list of casualties goes on, have been lost and wrecked.

Nature hits the hardest I guess, and when it does there’s nothing to be done about it but wish for the best and try to get ready for what comes after it in relief and rebuilding.

It’s a shame to see that not enough is being done, and that not enough aid is reaching these areas.
It’s a shame that at a time like this, when people should come together and unite to try and help each other out, we see that the poor African Americans of New Orleans have been left behind to suffer in the streets and shelters.
More has to be done by the US government and the world.

Our deepest condolences and sympathies to the people of the US who have lost their loved ones or have been affected by this tragedy in one way or another.

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