Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

On our wedding anniversary, we decided to treat ourselves to a dinner at the Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant in dowtown Tunis, in the Belvedere area.

We passed in front of it many times before but never actually went and tried it out.

It’s a small nice cosy place, decorated with a lot of chinese paintings, lanterns, fans, writings, …etc.; No chinese people though, unless they’re back in the kitchen somewhere.

The food was pretty good, although their “sweet and sour” was a bit light, lacking the beautiful sting that it should have, but all in all, it was a good meal.
I really liked the Wonton soup with shrimps. I was hoping they had Shark fin soup as I really liked that (Ok all you animal rights and environmentalist people, I know it’s unfair, but they taste as delicious to us as we do to them :P)

The prices are just a bit expensive, but well for a change in taste every once in a while, I guess it’s ok.
This is not meant as one of those Chinese take-away places after all.

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