Blogmania in the Maghreb

Afrique Magazine has a feature article by the name “Blogmania Au Maghreb” talking about blogging in the Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Morroco, Libya & Mauritania).

The article highlights the Tunisian bloggers as the pioneers in the region, which I think is really cool.

A number of blogs from across the region are mentioned, among them mine (Wow!), as well as Adib, Dasdous, Etta, Geronimo, Manal, Lady M, Alger Intime and more.
It’s a shame that some of the very important and pioneering blogs from the region were left out.

The article didn’t really go too deep into the world of blogs, it just touched on the main lines. Anyway, I think it’s great that we’re getting some coverage in the press and that now more and more people will learn about blogs and will start blogging too.
Hopefully for future articles writers will get more in touch with the bloggers and why not even attend blogger meetups.

I bought the magazine yesterday after I heard about the article from other bloggers, and it’s a real pleasure to see blogs and bloggers highlighted.

Karim has scanned the article and made it into a PDF file for everyone to read online here. It’s in French though.

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