100 Dollar Laptops

100 dollar laptop

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology says it will launch a $100 Linux-based laptop prototype this November to help schools in developing countries adopt electronic learning.

The machines will also be targeted at schools in advanced countries that want to greatly boost the number of children who own their own laptop.

MIT expects commercial versions of the machine to start appearing at the end of next year.
MIT plans to unveil its prototype at the World Summit on the Information Society on 17 November in Tunis, Tunisia.

The 500MHz laptop will run a stripped-down version of the Linux operating system.

To overcome the lack of power access in many towns and villages in poor nations, the laptop can be powered either by an AC adaptor or a wind-up mechanism.
The machine will also be ruggedised and Wi-Fi-enabled, and is expected to use an AMD processor.

Governments will be invited to buy the laptops on behalf of schoolchildren.

Now that is so cool…
I wish they do catch on and spread around the world, and that governments encourage them.
It would deal a big blow to Microsoft by producing generations of Linux users, but who cares as long as millions of children around the world have access to computers.

I wonder if I can get one too though, or if I’ll have to bribe one of my young cousins to get one.

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