The Phantom Of The Opera

Yesterday, we watched the movie interpretation of “The Phantom Of The Opera”.
I’ve been wanting to watch it for a long time after all the good reviews I read about it on other blogs.

I’m a big fan of movie musicals, such as “Moulin Rouge”, “Chicago” and well from my childhood days “The Sound Of Music”.
These movies mix two of my favourites arts in a beautiful way: cinema and music.

Back to “The Phantom Of The Opera”, it’s a great movie. But how can it not be with such musical splendor and a great story behind it!
Eman and I have been humming the magnificent tunes constantly ever since yesterday, lol.

It’s a really well done movie, the directing, acting and singing, lived up to the greatness of it and presented it wonderfully.

Gaston Leroux wrote a beautiful story, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is a musical genius and Joel Schumacher made it into a great movie.

I really recommend this movie if you love both cinema and music. It’s just beautiful.

My score for it: 8.5/10.

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