Pakistani Restaurant in Tunisia

Thanks to Lea, an American student in Tunisia, whose blog I discovered today through Karim, I found what is most-likely the only Pakistani restaurant in Tunisia.

It’s in the back of Centre Dorra in El Menzah 6. Check the map here.

Eman has been dying to eat some Indian food for quite some time now, and well I thought Pakistani food was close enough, so I surprised her by taking her to lunch there.

It’s a little place, but quite nice. They have a few posters of places in Pakistan on the walls and some flyers about some Pakistani cities on the tables.

We ordered Chicken Biryani and some Pakistani bread.

Once the odour of the cooking hit my nostrils and I flipped through the pages of the Lahore flyer on our table to see the places I knew, it was as if I travelled back in time to the days I spent in Pakistan. Nostalgia hit me, and I started rambling on and on to Eman about Pakistan, what I used to do there, where I went, …etc etc etc.

Then the food came and it was really good, very delicious. I totally enjoyed every bit of it.

The prices are great too, pretty cheap actually compared to other restaurants in Tunisia.

I totally recommend this restaurant.
I’m sure I’ll be going back there many more times.

  • Yacoub

    I am pleased that you have managed to find good Indian and Pakistani food in Tunisia. Just wondering what the name of this restaurant was?
    Also, if you happen to be in Hammamet, feel free to drop by and try our Indian cuisine. The Taj Mahal Restaurant in the Medina of Yasmine, Hammamet.
    Regards, Yacoub.

  • hadil

    thank you. hope you told the manager what you thought! (yacoub)

  • Sat

    Is there a indian resturant in Tunis where in you will get some good veg food? – like Indian bread / Dal etc.,

  • Muhammad Usman Sardar

    Hi.. Please send me address of this resturant Taj Mahal.. I would like to visit soon..
    Usman From Pakistan