Lucas Plans Animated ‘Star Wars’ TV Show

Now that George Lucas has the final installment of Star Wars under his belt, sci-fi’s most famous film director plans to adapt the movie series as a 3-D animated TV show.

Lucas’ company is creating an animated program for television called Clone Wars, that will be produced in a new studio it’s building in Singapore.

Lucas said he’s also working on a live-action Star Wars-based TV show that he’ll shoot with a Sony consumer digital camcorder.

Don’t know what to think about this really. The Star Wars movies are already maybe 85-90% special effects, so what they’ll mainly be doing with this 3D animated series is taking the actors out and replacing them with 3D counterparts, and that’s it.
I don’t think the 2D Clone Wars animations that Lucas ventured into previously were that much of a success, and I’m not too sure these will be either.
I guess that in the end it’ll all boil down to whether the story is going to be an interesting one or not.

As for the live-action Star Wars-based TV show that will be shot with a Sony Camcorder, I’m not too sure what he means by that.
Will he be shooting footage of geeks playing around with light sabers or something? Or will it be about the Star Wars Kid?
What other Star Wars related live-action is there?

[Source: InformationWeek]

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