Finding Neverland

a href=”″ target=”_blank”>A couple of days ago, I finally got to watch “Finding Neverland” featuring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet and Dustin Hoffman.

I remember really liking Peter Pan as a kid; Watching the Disney animation and the “Hook” movie time and again.
“Finding Neverland” gives us some insight into the short period of the life of Sir James Matthew Barrie, the writer, between the release of his last play and his classic masterpiece Peter Pan.

It’s fascinating to see how creative he was, and how the people around him inspired the play. It makes you realize that even though the story of Peter Pan seems simple, it is rich with symbolism and metaphors.
We also find out that he himself is more or less Peter Pan.

It’s a really nice movie; very well done, really well acted, nice soundtrack and beautiful cinematography.
Johnny Depp goes on again to prove he is one of the greatest actors around, doing a magnificent job from the acting, to the Irish accent to completely living the role.
He simply rocks…

I really liked this movie and think it’s truly worth seeing.

My score for it is: 8.5/10

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