Dentist Urgently Needed

Ok, it’s really about time I go to a dentist.
I’ve been trying to avoid this for a long time now.
I’ve been ignoring the bits and pieces of teeth that have been falling apart every now and then.
I’ve been gobbling up painkillers to try and get over the head-splitting toothaches.

But now with small holes starting to form and at least 3 of my teeth surely in need of that painful root canal treatment I’ve already tried once before, I think it’s time I go to a dentist as soon as possible before things get even worse.

I totally hate dentists, but well a must is a must.

So, I need a favor from my fellow Tunisian bloggers to help me out here and tell me about good dentists they’ve tried out and who have a “light hand”, as we’d say, meaning that he/she isn’t a sadistic bastard who will screw the living lights out of me with pain!

Leave a comment or send me an email with the doctor’s contacts and a short description of your experience with him/her.
Thank you…

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3 thoughts on “Dentist Urgently Needed”

  1. I have also emailed this to you, but just in case, here it is again. Let me know if you do in fact decide to use this dentist. He came very highly recommended for his modern equipment, nice office and gentle touch.

    Dr. Fares GHARIANI
    13 Rue du 20 Marse
    2070 La Marsa

  2. Hello from finland!

    I need help to find work in Tunis.Im dental assistant and will try to find work whit dentist in Tunis.If somebody know dentist who working in english language,and need assistant will you please contakt me.

    Heidi Selin:)

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