Damn Find & Replace!

Today was a really shitty day!
I woke up, still in a good mood from yesterday’s meetup, and I thought I’d get online to check my emails and read the comments left on my blog.

I did that and all was cool.
And then I found this one blog spam comment in one of my old posts.
So, I did a search by the title of the post, which was about the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia. For some reason the search returned many results, so I wanted to search again and narrow it down, only instead of writing in the search field, I wrote in the replace field and I clicked enter.
I quickly realized what happened and clicked stop in the browser, but it was too late, every single post on my blog got screwed up and all the content was lost and turned into an endless stream of Adobe Macromedia shit.

I got in touch with my host in an attempt to find a recent backup to restore my database from, but they didn’t have any.

So, I had to re-import my data from a backup I had that was done in mid July, and I had to re-enter each and every post from then up to now, which is over 80 posts.

I’ve been working on it all day long and I just finished. I’m exhausted. And if I wasn’t as addicted to blogging as I am, I certainly would have quit the whole thing alltogether.

So, all the posts are here. But without the comments and trackbacks 🙁
I have the comments in emails that are sent to me, but I guess it’ll take me a longer time to restore those.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

7 thoughts on “Damn Find & Replace!”

  1. Oh shit,
    man where is my comments …
    i spent half houre yestarday trying to remember arabia.com and write you a comment on your arabia.com post …
    Oh no … that comment worths a lot man … lol

  2. Man! I would change my career than do what you did!

    Look at the bright side, you reviewed all your entries, which made you go back in time and flip thru a lot of memories, which I am sure most of them were good.
    This must have given you the chance to re-evaluate your blog.

    So, there should always be something good in everything. 🙂

  3. Ibrahim, I still have your comment in my email, and I’ll be trying to recover some of the comments, although it’ll be impossible to insert all the comments on all the posts from mid July to now.

    Seif, ouai c’est super chiant!

    Saqf, man as I said, if I didn’t really enjoy blogging, I would have surely let it go yesterday.
    As for reviewing my entries, well yeah maybe, it gave me an insight into the blogs I’ve been blogging in the past month and a half and made me re-evaluate my effort in that time.
    But still the bad overweighs the good in this 😛

  4. lol 😀
    i was joking man … 😀

    believe me if i were you i will close my blog and throw out my computer from window, ow 7a7lef 3ala shwarbey ma almes computer for 6 years … 😛

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