After The 5th Tunisian Blogger Meetup

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Yesterday we had the fifth Tunisian blogger meetup in Kelibia.

The meetups keep getting longer and longer; yesterday’s meetup started at 10AM, when we met in the Abou Nawas Hotel parking, and went on to midnight.
By the time, we got home, we just headed straight to bed. There was no way we could blog about it, lol…

It was a really great meetup and so much fun. The best one up to now.
Kelibia is so beautiful and El Mansourah restaurant, the place we met, had lunch and swam in, is just breathtakingly amazing.

10 people made it to this meetup, which is pretty good considering that Kelibia is 100Kms away. We could have taken more people with us if they came to the Abou Nawas hotel parking as I suggested, as we actually left with place for 3 to 4 more bloggers.

The blogs represented in this meetup were: Adib, Evil Drako, Blogeuse, Marouen, Mouse Hunter, La Guilde, AquaCool, Subzero Blue.
We had 2 non-bloggers with us, who we are pushing to start blogs of their own soon 😉

We really missed all the people who couldn’t make it to the meetup. I hope we get to see you all very soon 🙂

We talked about a lot of stuff as usual, but this is maybe the meetup in which we talked the least about blogging, lol.
I guess we were too relaxed and loving the place to talk about technology and internet stuff.

So, what did we do?
We went to El Mansourah restaurant, where our dear Adib reserved a table for us right next to the water. We went down and started swimming as the other bloggers arrived.
When everyone was there, we ordered the food and then went back swimming.
We had our quite expensive lunch, then dived back into the water.
Then we had our desserts, paid and headed to the Kelibia fortress, a historical site overlooking all of Kelibia, that was built back in the Punic era. It’s huge, and it was really nice visiting it, it added a cultural side to our meetup.
Later we went to the caf

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