Windows Vista

Windows VistaThe next version of Windows, code-named “Longhorn”, finally has an official name: Windows Vista.

The advertising tagline for Vista is “Clear, Confident, Connected:
Bringing clarity to your world,” according to a video of the
announcement posted by Microsoft.

The company also said Friday that the first beta release of Vista, for developers and IT pros, is slated for release by Aug. 3.
A second, broader test release aimed at consumers will likely debut
ahead of Vista’s final release in the second half of next year.

Among the key features of Vista are a new searching mechanism,
supposedly better security, lots of new laptop features, parental
controls and better home networking. There will also be visual changes,
thanks to Avalon, ranging from shiny translucent windows to icons that
are tiny representations of a document itself.

What do I think?
Well, I’m pretty neutral to it. I don’t like it and I don’t dislike it.
In the Tunisian accent, “Vista” means jacket; So let’s just hope this
long-awaited multiply-delayed version of Windows lives up to its name
and covers Microsoft’s asses and delivers all they’ve been promising
and more.

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