The Fat Man Walking

Steve Vaught, a 350-pound man, who is a 39 year old, happily married father of two kids, is walking across the US to shed weight.

Vaught left his hometown outside San Diego on April 10 in an attempt to walk to New York City to lose weight and regain his life. While he embarked on the journey for personal reasons, he hoped his story might serve to encourage others to take their lives back–to get up and do something about it today.

As of Friday, Vaught was only near Flagstaff, Ariz., where it’s monsoon season. He’s fallen way behind his goal of traveling about 20 miles a day, which would have put him in Missouri by now.

But he’s already accomplishing his goals. He’s lost about 50 pounds (he was 400 pounds) and has been the source of great inspiration to many people.

Check out his official website: The Fat Man Walking, and check out his journal.

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