Tarzan Swings, Tarzan Falls…

I could see something like this happening to a friend of mine once he gets married 😛

A Romanian man ended up in hospital after he tried to swing from tree to tree to escape his wife and go drinking.

Stefan Trisca, 66, had been locked in the bedroom by his wife who was fed up with him going drinking with his friends.

His Tarzan style escape plan backfired when he slipped from a vine and fell 15ft to the ground, breaking his arm, an ankle and a leg.

“Unfortunately it was more difficult than it looked in the Tarzan movies.”, He said.

[Source: Ananova]

Maybe if he was in the US, with it’s mad lawsuit-happy culture, he could sue the hollywood studios that made “Tarzan” movies claiming that they mislead him into trying it himself.

Anyway back to my friend, I really wouldn’t be amazed at all if something like this were to happen to him swinging out of his bedroom window to go for a drink, lol…

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