Rotana’s Islamic Channel

It seems that Rotana, the largest production company in the Arab World, is putting the final touches on an Islamic channel it will be launching soon.

The channel was created upon orders from Prince Waleed Ibn Talal, and will be based in Egypt and headed by Dr. Tareq El Soweidan.

Rotana currently has a network of 6 entertainment channels for music and movies and a new radio station that will be opening soon in Jordan.
Where this new Islamic channel fits in the Rotana empire is a mystery.

As Ahmed says “From a business perspective, music sells and religion sells”, but do they really fit together?
Would it be suitable to have an Islamic channel as part of a 7 channel network, 5 of which bring us a bunch of half-naked singers and dancers?

Of course, the idea of creating a new Islamic channel is very good and truly commendable. But if it’s done it has to be done right. Religion is a respectful and sensitive issue, and throwing an Islamic channel into a bouquet of music and cinema channels just doesn’t feel right.

Maybe it shouldn’t be part of the network but more of an independent channel, also meaning that the Rotana named be dropped from it, so that it’s not associated with the other channels.

[Source: Elaph (Arabic)]
[Via: Saudi Jeans]

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