Nightstand Meme

Thysdrus tagged me with this meme, in which one has to list whatever is atop of his or her nightstand(s).

So, here’s what I have on my nightstand right now:

2 Alarm clocks, my mobile phone, a table lamp, a phone, a book (“The
Hobbit”), 2 DVDs (“The Aviator”, “Million Dollar Baby”), a bunch of
cds, a notebook, the AC remote control, photos, a stuffed little monkey
toy, anti toothache pills, 2 pens, a drinking straw and an empty glass.

Now that’s interesting…
I never realized how much stuff is lying around on the nightstand.

I tag the following people with this meme: Eman, Roba, Houssein, Ibrahim, Briseis, Jameed and Karim.

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