New Stuff On The Blog

Since moving the blog to its own hosting account, I’ve been playing around with a number of things that you might have noticed the results to or maybe not.
Anyway here is the new stuff I’ve added.

Related Entries: In every post’s individual page, you’ll now find a list of related entries on the right side bar. I think this should be very interesting for people who want to explore the subject further and what I think about it.

Events: On the right side bar of the home page, I’ve added a new section called “Events” that pulls events that will be taking place in Tunis from For example, the event displayed now is the next Tunisian Blogger Meetup.

Ayah Of The Day: On the right side bar of the home page, I’ve added a section that pulls a different verse from the Quran each day.

Discussions: In the top menu, I’ve added a link “Discussions” that points to a page where you can find the 30 latest comments on different posts I’ve written. I think this is interesting to keep discussions going on.

Tags: Every post is now being tagged by the different keywords that describe it. These tags appear below the post, and each keyword links to the Technorati page for that keyword.

Email to a friend: This isn’t really that new as it’s been on for a while, but I never mentioned it. This enables you to email a link to the post to a friend if you think it’s interesting enough.

I’m still working on some other things, so keep looking out for new cool stuff popping up 🙂

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