Tunisia’s first private radio station Mosaique FM has launched its website and is now offering a live audio stream, as well as a live webcam from the studio, over the internet.

Radio Mosaique enjoys great popularity in Tunis, according to a recent survey by a market-research company SIGMA, carried out in May 2005.

The survey revealed that Radio Mosaique had around 1.3 million listeners daily, with a 59.4 per cent audience share and an average listening time of two hours 36 minutes.

I think Mosaique FM are doing a really good job, and I hope they keep it up and that others will follow suit; creating a healthy and vibrant media environment in Tunisia.

A second private radio station, Radio Jawhara, should start broadcasting soon from Tunisia’s third-largest city, Sousse, and will cover the country’s west-central region.

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