Bombings In Egyptian Sharm El Sheikh Resort

Three car bombs exploded in quick succession in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh early this morning, ripping through a hotel and a coffeeshop packed with European and Egyptian tourists. Police officials said at least 75 people died in the deadliest attack in Egypt in nearly a decade.

These bombings may be linked to a series of bomb blasts last October in the Red Sea resort of Taba, Egypt’s interior minister said.

I can’t believe how much ugliness, violence and terrorism our world has become a place for.
This must stop!!
There is no reason whatsoever that could ever come close to justifying the death of all these innocent people all over the world!
There is no religion in the world that endorses such actions!
People who commit these attacks are sick criminals who must be stopped!

Our hearts are with the people of Egypt and the families of the tourists who lost their lives today. May God bless the souls of those killed today and rest them in peace.

[News: CNN, MSNBC]
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