Best Places To Swim In Tunisia

It’s summer-time in Tunisia, the heat is frying your brains out, the humidity is unbearable, your clothes are wet with sweat and sticking to your body, you’re disgusted even more with every passing second and you know it’ll only get worse as long as summer is here.

The only solution is to forget everything, head straight to the beach and cool down in the holy waters of the mediterranean.

But where exactly?
Tunisia has a 1300 Km coastline and beautiful beaches all over the country, so which places are the best to swim in?

Here are the best ones I know of:

La Grotte (Bizerte): This place is at the end of La Corniche in Bizerte. The mountains overlook the beach as the water eats away from them creating small caves, explaining the name La Grotte (The Cave). The water is crystal clear and ice cold, getting colder and colder as the weather gets hotter. You’ll certainly have the most refreshing swim of your life there.

Sidi Ali El Mekki (Ghar El Melh): This place lies at the end of Ghar El Melh. Another point where the mountain meets the sea in a beautiful harmony. Again, the water is crystal clear, at a beautifully cool temperature. Not too cold, not too warm, just perfect.
The beach is clean and even cleaner if you venture a bit further into places that are a bit disconnected from the rest of the beach by the mountain.

Al Mansoura (Kelibia): Kelibia is known for its beautiful white-sanded beaches and lovely sea. The water is clear and right on the border between coolness and warmth, tipping to one side or the other depending on the time of day.

Al Mahdia: I’ve heard so much about the sea in Mahdia, and I’ve been dying to go for a swim there, but just never made time for it.
I’m hoping I get to check it out this year.

Tabarka: Tabarka, in the north west of Tunisia, is famous for its beautiful coral reefs, making it one of the best diving spots in Tunisia.
I’ve been to Tabarka a number of times, but never got to swim or dive there.
Diving there is certainly on my sea activity todo list.

Ras Angela: This beach lies several kilometers after Bizerte. You drive through mountains and more mountains without seeing the sea, until you lose hope you’ll ever find a beach anywhere near, and that’s when you pass a mountain and see the grand mediterranean sea waiting for you.
The beach is clean, the water is cool and clear, and it feels just great.

I’m sure there are so many other great places to swim that I don’t know of or that I forgot to mention, so if you know any, please do leave a comment about them, so we can all enjoy them too 🙂

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  1. I definitely second Tabarka- absolutely beautiful- and less developed than Hammamet and places…although it’s starting to become more and more touristy

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