Al-Jawhara FM Hits Airwaves

‘Al Jawhara Radio’, the second private station in Tunisia has started broadcasting from the coastal city of Sousse.

“Al Jawhara Radio” will broadcast, initially, 19 hours a day (from 6.00 am to 1.00 am). Its “FM” signal will cover most of the central region of the Mediterranean coast (including the governorates of Mahdia, Kairouan, Monastir and Sousse).

The new station is called “Radio Al Jawhara” (Arabic for “Pearl Radio”), in reference to the nickname “Pearl of the Sahel” given to the city of Sousse, Tunisia’s third largest city and a major sea-resort.

I guess we won’t be getting its signal in Tunis yet, but hopefully I’ll try to tune in and check it out when I next pass by the central west coast.

I think it’s great that the media sector in Tunisia has been opened to private companies, and I’m pretty happy with the pioneering private companies like Mosaique FM and Hannibal TV.
I hope more and more jump into the media arena to enrich it and make it more exciting for us all.

[Source: Middle East Online]

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