A Muslim for a Month

Muslim for a month

Morgan Spurlock, the guy who made the documentary “Super Size Me”, is now delving into the lives of Muslims in America.

The experiment: Spurlock would take an ordinary American and have him live with a Muslim family, observing all their customs, for one month.

The person chosen was Dave Stacy, a 33-year-old insurance sales executive from West Virginia, a practising Christian with no knowledge of Islam.

The Muslim family was that of Shamael Haque, a first year resident in neuropsychiatry at Henry Ford hospital in Detroit.

Haque, along with his wife Sadia Shakir, who attends the Thomas Cooley Law School, put all reservations aside and opened their Dearborn, Michigan, home to this stranger from the Bible Belt.

During his 30 days, Stacy lived, ate and prayed with his Muslim hosts.
He also read the Quran, tried to learn Arabic, visited a halal slaughterhouse and prayed in a mosque.
In one very tense scene, he went out on to the street to petition Americans into signing a bill to stop the profiling of Muslim Americans.

“…a show like this is important, to get some information out there to educate people. We can’t demonise six million American Muslims. There are 270 million Americans out there and the last time I checked, Timothy McVeigh wasn’t a Muslim. So I think that we just need to preach a little tolerance.”

Morgan Spurlock

I think the idea of this show is really great in how it aims to promote understanding and tolerance, especially because of all the difficulties and hardships Muslims in America have been facing since the events of 9/11.

Thumbs up to Morgan Spurlock for tackling these important issues. Bravo.

[More: Al Jazeera]

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