Tori Amos – The Beekeeper

An album I’ve been listening to a lot these past couple of days is Tori Amos’ “The Beekeeper”.

I’ve never been a fan of Tori Amos, and other than her song “Crucify” I’ve never really heard something else by her that I liked, except maybe for a remix of “Professional Widow”.

Anyway, while reading a book, I needed some calm music in the background, and the only thing I found on my laptop or mp3 player was Tori’s album.
The thing is that the album stole me away from the book.

I really like it. The music, the lyrics, the whole spirit and style of it are really laid back and nice with a touch of weirdness.

My favourite songs off the album are: Parasol, Sweet The Sting, Jamaica Inn, Sleeps With Butterflies…

I never thought I’d be saying this about a Tori Amos album, but it’s really worth checking out.

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3 thoughts on “Tori Amos – The Beekeeper”

  1. I am very happy you are enjoying this album, it has a special feel to it, very intimate and soothing.

    The songs are divided into separate groups which she calls “gardens”. There are songs that belong to “desert garden”, others to “greenhouse”, some to “elixirs and herbs”, and another “rock garden”. So every collection represents either a bad experience in her life, or about kicking someone else ass, and in others she feels vulnerable and seeks nourishment, and so on..

    You actually made me play it now! 🙂
    Many songs stand out while listening, as of now “Cars and Guitars” where the chorus is very nice.
    “The Power of Orange Knickers” is a nice positive song, and the finale is a very touching one “Toast”, which was written for her brother who passed away not long ago.

    So, when will we meet? Tomorrow? Send me an e-mail or call me. By the way, I sent you a message on your cell phone but don’t know if you got it or not.

    See you soon inshallah.

  2. u know what, toz 3alaiko! i feel so jealous, and homesick, u ll see mmm, and eman, and you guys ll see saqf and drink tea, and see what he did to his place, bddiiii :/

  3. Saqf, I don’t know why “The Power of Orange Knickers” always reminded me of you, lol…
    It’s your kind of weird song title I guess 😛

    Orangina, send us tickets to New Zealand and we’ll gladly come and drink tea with you too 😉

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