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I got tagged by Roba to do this. So here goes.

What is the one word you would use to describe your appearance?

Favorite body part?
My face or my hands maybe.

Least favorite body part?
Love handles. Although I see nothing lovely about them. Oh and this slowly developing belly of mine.

Most often complimented on?
How nice and sweet I am.

Most often criticized for?
How I hold back and keep everything inside me.

Your romantic relationship?
I think I’m romantic in my own special way. Nobody agrees!

Your relationship with your parents?
Pretty good.

Your feelings about parenting?
I love kids (as long as they’re calm, don’t cry, don’t need anything done for them… )
I’m not patient at all, so I’m not too sure I won’t end up killing my children 😛

Your hobbies?
Blogging, cinema, music, photography… My hobbies do tend to turn into obsessions though.

Your favorite personality type for a friend?
Someone simple, easy-going, honest, funny and not obsessive…

Favorite personality type for a spouse or lover?
Someone like me enough to have a lot of things in common, yet unlike me enough to complete me in a lot of things.

Favorite type of movie?

Favorite cuisine?
Tunisian. Our cuisine rocks big time!

Favorite treat?
A cruise to Phi Phi Island in Thailand and a day at the beach there.

Favorite gift?
Our car. My dad got it for us as a wedding gift.

Most sensitive “unusual” erogenous zone?
I’d better keep that to myself or I’d have to kill you all.

Favorite pet?
My laptop.

Subject of blogging post that got the most hits?
The beheading of Nicolas Berg.

I tag Eman, Evil Drako & Macvaysia.

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