Red Hat Lets Fedora Loose?

Fedora is loose or is it?

Red Hat is changing course again with its free Fedora version of Linux, announcing Friday that it will turn over copyrights and development work to an outside entity called the Fedora Foundation.

Red Hat once had just one version of Linux, but beginning in 2002 it split the product into the commercially supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the free and fast-moving Fedora. But the company struggled to meet the original Fedora goal of attracting widespread outside involvement.

A vibrant Fedora project is important to Red Hat, and not just as a way to build improvements fed into RHEL. It also stands to boost Red Hat’s image as a company that cooperates with others in open-source programming, fill the pipeline of new RHEL customers, and keep Red Hat at the center of open-source operating system work in the face of rivals such as Gentoo and OpenSolaris.

[Source: ZDNet]

The way I see it is that RedHat’s plan to stop support for the free version of linux, yet get developers to add features to it for free so that it can use them in the paid Enterprise version didn’t work, and so now they want to mask their involvement with Fedora in an attempt to fool developers into getting involved.

I thought the move they took by discontinuing support for the free version of Redhat Linux was dumb and hurt linux, and all this stuff they’re trying with Fedora is just stupid and meaningless.

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