Judging Books

They say that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, I say you shouldn’t even judge it by it’s first two chapters.

Many times, while reading a new book, especially novels, I’d find it so boring in it’s first chapters that I’d start to think about quitting or it’d take me so long to just get through a chapter.

But then when I get past the first chapters that the writer obviously wanted to use as a long introduction of the characters and to give some background to build his story on, the book becomes a lot more interesting and exciting, sucking you into the story.

Other books suck you in from the very first sentences. It doesn’t mean they’re better, it just reflects the writer’s style and how he wants to approach and tell his story.

Personally, I read and finish books that suck me in from the beginning faster, the ones that don’t take a bit more time before I’m stuck to the book and can’t let go of it.

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