Backstreet Boys – Never Gone

Yesterday, I got to hear Backstreet Boys’ new album “Never Gone” while I was at a friend’s place.

Before listening to the full album, the only song I knew from the new album was “Incomplete” which I thought was a pretty nice song.
The album mostly follows in the same footsteps.

The boys have grown up and matured and it shows in their music and lyrics, it’s no longer that annoying teen pop music (which I bet wasn’t that annoying for everyone some years ago. You know who you are :P).

I quite enjoyed the album and like the style they’re going in. Sort of a mix of soft rock and r’n’b, some nice acoustic guitar and piano here and there, easy cool tunes and very nice vocals.

One little problem though is that their name “Backstreet Boys” doesn’t quite fit them anymore.
But oh well, who cares, the name sucked from day one.

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