We’re in Jordan

So, what do you know?
All of a sudden, we’re in Jordan.
We just flew over here last night.

Eman’s whole family are here this time, and it’s been great seeing and being with all of them again 🙂 We really missed them.

We’ll be here for three weeks of relaxation and fun.

I personally truly needed some time off from my everyday life, work and all the stress that comes with both of them. I’m sure Eman needs this break even more than I do.

I’ve got a long to-do list as usual with some things carried over from last year, but something I really wish I get to do is to meet all our Jordanian blogger friends. That’d be cool.

This time, we’ll be spending all of the 3 weeks in Jordan, mostly in Amman, but we might try to visit some other places outside the capital too.

Finally, it’s good to be back in Amman. It’s always a delight.
It’s a very beautiful city in it’s own special way.

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