Sony’s Playstation 3 Unveiled

Playstation 3In a glitzy ceremony held at Sony’s film studios yesterday, the company released eagerly anticipated details of its upcoming PlayStation 3 and said the console would reach shelves in spring 2006.

According to the company, the new console will have wireless controllers, a detachable 2.5-inch hard drive, slots for compact flash and Sony’s memory stick media and a built-in Wi-Fi connection that can connect to the Playstation Portable.

The system will include USB 2.0 and gigabit Ethernet connections, and will support games made for previous generations of PlayStation systems. It will include support for up to seven controllers at once, providing much-expanded possibilities for multiplayer games. It’s core processor will run at 3.2GHz.

This baby seems like a winner.
It looks great, just like almost every other Sony product, and has a bunch of cool features packed in it.

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