Saddam Half-Naked Photos

Saddam in underpantsAll the talk today is about the photos of Saddam half-naked in only his underpants doing his washing in a prison cell.

The photos were published in the UK tabloid newspaper The Sun and then carried by the NY Post in the US.

The Sun is pointing to the US Military for a conspired release of the photos to humilate the Iraqi Insurgency. The US Military is denying it played an organized role in the release of the photos, saying it is aggressively investigating who leaked the photos.

I think this is disgusting and very low.
This kind of humiliation and degradation is unacceptable and illegal under Geneva Convention rules no matter who the person is and how many bad things he’s done.
The people behind this should be held accountable for their actions.

[More: CNN, BBC News, Hou-Hou Blog (FR)]

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