Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Unveiled

Xbox 360

Microsoft finally unveiled the new Xbox 360, their next generation game console with which they aim to take over the gaming console market from Sony.

In development for three years, the Xbox 360 will include a DVD player, a 20-gigabyte hard-disk drive, high-def game support and a 500MHz ATI graphics processor. Owners will be able to remove and upgrade the hard disk, which is used to store games in progress and digital music and photo files.

Consumers will be able to hook up music players and PCs running the Windows operating system to the Xbox. They’ll be able to substitute a game’s music with their own.

Unlike the first Xbox, users will be able to stand the Xbox 360 vertically. They’ll also be able to buy a variety of front panels, such as a wood veneer, part of an effort to make the design, and not just the performance, a selling feature

The console will be released at the end of the year in Europe, Japan and North America.

Check out it’s full technical specifications.

This is looking cool. I wonder what Sony’s Playstation 3, which is due out this year too and will most probably be unveiled at or a bit before the E3 games show, will be like.

I was waiting for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to come out this year so I could compare and choose which one to buy.

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