Yesterday, I found these really interesting numbers about Tunisian emigration on Zizou from Djerba‘s blog.

– 80% of Tunisian youth would like to emigrate.
– 80.000 to 100.000 Tunisian youth leave Tunisia each year (Some come back of course).
– 25 to 35% of Tunisians abroad are jobless.

According to statistics from 2003, the number of Tunisians abroad is 850,000. 6000 of them are students.

Even though these numbers might not be 100% accurate, I do believe that they are pretty close to reality and I think they’re very interesting.

I’m sure numbers like these are reflected throughout the Arab world with only slight differences.

A common idea between Arab youth nowadays is that the only solution to a better life is to emigrate. The choice of countries to emigrate to depends on the country of departure, for example in French speaking North Africa the most popular destinations are France and Quebec (Canada), in the Middle East it’s more like Canada, USA, New Zealand…etc.

But it’s not always true that a better life awaits these emigrants. As numbers show, a lot of them end up jobless and on the streets.
Still some are able to build great lives, that’s true too.
It all depends. It’s pretty risky.

I think the whole issue of emigration is a very sensitive one. It’s a shame when some of the best minds in the country as well as its youth find themselves tempted to leave. It’s a big loss for the country. But still I do understand how some of them feel.

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