A distant relative of mine passed away, God bless his soul, and yesterday I attended his funeral.

Funerals must be one of the most depressing things in life.
Just the thought that a person you knew to be so full of life, energy, kindness and good has passed away and is being lowered a stiff lifeless body into a hole in the ground is a very depressing thought.

Most people start thinking of their own deaths, and they get more and more scared of it, fearing it could come and take them by surprise at any second.

As for me, I don’t really fear death, because I know it’ll come when it’s supposed to come, and when God wishes for it. But death makes me think a lot about my life.
With death eventually coming sooner or later, I can’t but think about the limited time I have on earth and what I’m doing with it. Am I really doing the stuff I want to do? Am I really enjoying life? Am I really going to look back at this life of mine with a smile when I’m on my dying bed? Are my priorities in life balanced like I want them?

In short, all the questions can be summed up into one: Is this the life I want to be living?
That’s a hard question though, because if answered in negative, it means that there are a bunch of life changing decisions that have to follow, and those are always very hard.

In my case, when I look at it from a distance, I’m happy with what I’ve done in my life up to now, but I do see that it’s time to change some things here and there, move on to new things here and there, build on what I have here and there.
After all, life isn’t constant, it’s a moving ever-changing thing.

One important thing though is that a person should always hang on to his optimism throughout life. I think it’s a very essential ingredient to having a great life.

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