Court Rules Striptease is Art

Interesting news…

Striptease is art like opera or ballet, an Oslo court has ruled in a victory for nightclub owners over Norway’s tax authorities.

The court ruled this week that striptease should be treated like other artistic stage shows, ranging from stand-up comedy to opera, for which tickets are exempt from value-added tax (VAT).

[Source: CNN]

I couldn’t agree more 😛
A striptease can be very verrrry artistic 😉
Plus it’s more fun than opera, lol…
Just kidding…

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4 thoughts on “Court Rules Striptease is Art”

  1. OH MY GOD! this is terrible, you know where I stand MMM, I just despise striptease, it’s disgusting!!! the stripper turns into nothing but a sex object to please whoever is watching and who ever is paying! This SUCKS BIG TIME!

    Iyas, lol, strip opera?!! YUCK!

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