12 Step Program Of Recovery For Web Addicts

1) I will have a cup of coffee in the morning and read my PAPER newspaper like I used to, before the Web.

2) I will eat breakfast with a knife and fork and not with one hand typing.

3) I will get dressed before noon.

4) I will make an attempt to clean the house, wash clothes, and plan dinner before even thinking of the Web.

5) I will sit down and write a letter to those unfortunate few friends and family that are Web-deprived.

6) I will call someone on the phone who I cannot contact via the Web.

7) I will read a book… if I still remember how.

8) I will listen to those around me about their needs and stop telling them to turn the TV down so I can hear the music on the Web.

9) I will not be tempted during TV commercials to check for email.

10) I will try and get out of the house at least once a week, if it is necessary or not.

11) I will remember that my bank is not forgiving if I forget to balance my checkbook because I was too busy on the Web.

12) Last, but not least, I will remember that I must go to bed sometime… and the Web will always be there tomorrow.

Good one, lol…
I’m way past web addiction though, nothing can help me now 😉

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

11 thoughts on “12 Step Program Of Recovery For Web Addicts”

  1. MMM, I am afraid that this is the case for most of us… I have succumbed to the comfort and pleasures of the world wide web to the extent that my human relations are made online.

  2. 1) Can’t read the paper newspapers here they use some kind of cryptic language i don’t read.

    2) I stopped eating breakfast

    3) I work, so I have to, but on weekends it doesn’t happen.

    4) I hired someone to do it

    5) My web deprived friends have phones.

    6) cf 5.

    7) ebook is for that :).

    8) I use headphones

    9) I watch the TV on the PC for that purpose

    10) I love food way too much to not go buy fresh stuff and cook it.

    11) My bank didn’t complain yet

    12) A young male human can sleep less than 3 hours daily for 8 months in a row, tested and approved :).

    Am i on the right path ?

  3. fefe is obviously in really bad condition and is only making excuses to remain on the Internet. I think there needs to be an intervention. 😛

  4. Yep Roba, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m more comfortable having online relations with people than real life ones 😛
    It’s a sickness, lol…

    Fefe, you should be proud of your addiction no matter what anyone else tells you.
    In other words, nothing can save you now, lol…

    Jenn, let’s focus on the people who can be saved. People like you for example 😉
    From now on, you’re only allowed to come to this blog when you’re online 😛

  5. LOOOOL! That was a good list! and you guys are really addicted, lol.
    Want some good news? I’m getting over my TV addiction, but thanks to MMM, I’m becoming more addicted to the net 😀

  6. Hehe, even if it doesn’t seem like it my addiction is actually very weak compared to what it used to be. I only recently got rid of my Everquest (Evercrack) MMORPG addiction which I juge as pretty sad now looking back, imagine what it was like… 🙂

    Eman Internet is way better than TV, at least you are not passive (ok that s what so addictive), you learn a lot, plus you teach through your blog so MMM is only doing good to you :).

    Ok real TV addicts will tell me that their interaction with the remote is pretty fullfilling but i can’t get it :p.

  7. Fefe, I totally agree with you on the fact that internet addiction is way better than TV addiction, believe me I’m thankful to MMM that he helped me get over my TV addiction, but I just hope I’d get over the net addiction as well, I must have some control 😀

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