US To Block Anti-Poverty Campaign

US will block Brown campaign to beat poverty with gold sale…

Gordon Brown’s year-long anti-poverty crusade is in jeopardy this week, as the US prepares to block his plans for a sale of International Monetary Fund gold reserves to raise cash for debt relief.

Striking a deal to sell or revalue some of the IMF’s $9 billion of gold reserves in Washington, at the spring gathering of the IMF and World Bank, was meant to be the first victory in Brown’s campaign to increase spending on aid, and offer debt relief to the poorest countries.

An IMF feasibility study, commissioned by G7 finance ministers, has given the thumbs-up to gold sales. But the US Treasury has been urged to oppose the idea by gold-mining firms who fear that a sell-off could depress global prices for the metal.

[Source: The Guardian]
[Via: AquaCool]

So let me get this straight, the US government is ready to protect the interests of filthy rich gold mining firms, without even thinking about the millions of poor people in countries that are head over heels in debt.

Of course. After all it’s the rich who donate millions for these greedy people’s election campaigns. The poor can give them nothing but prayers and smiles.

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