This is an interesting meme started by Defective Yeti.
The following are the first urls that come up in my browser’s address bar for every letter in the alphabet.

A is for aquacool.blogspot.com – Of course, my wife’s great blog 🙂

B is for blogdex.net – The best blog diffusion index out there.

C is for chanadbahrain.blogspot.com – A great Bahraini blogger.

D is for del.icio.us/subzeroblue – My del.icio.us page.

E is for edition.cnn.com – CNN International edition for news and stuff.

F is for flickr.com – The amazing flickr.

G is for google.com – Duh!

H is for hamoudy.com – A Lebanese blogger in the US.

I is for imdb.com – The greatest source of information on movies.

J is for jordanplanet.net – The Jordanian blogger aggregator.

K is for kuwaitblogs.com/users/nibaq – A great Kuwaiti blogger.

L is for lafayettestory.blogspot.com – Newest Tunisian blogger.

M is for mail.yahoo.com – To check my Yahoo mail every once in a while.

N is for news.google.com – Google again, this time for news…

O is for omars2cents.blogspot.com – Syrian blogger in Canada.

P is for ping.net – Service to add a fan faceroll to your blog.

Q is for quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2005/03/ajax_promise_or.html – Article: Ajax, promise or hype?

R is for rundom.com/houssein – A great Tunisian blogger in Canada.

S is for subzeroblue.com – My blog, of course 🙂

T is for technorati.com/cosmos/search.html?rank=&url=subzeroblue.com – My Technorati

U is for upcoming.org – Cool social event calendar.

V is for veer.com/ideas/wallpaper/ – Some really cool wallpapers.

W is for whispers.hautetfort.com – A Tunisian blogger.

X is for xanga.com/skin.asp?user=Sociopath – A friend blogger from the US.

Y is for yahoo.com – They’re becoming cool again.

Z is for zizoufromdjerba.blogspot.com – Another new Tunisian blogger.

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