Tunisian Blogger Meetup on April 24th

Finally, the date, time and place for the first Tunisian Blogger Meetup is set.

It’s going to be on Sunday, April 24th at 7PM in Biwa (Les Berges du Lac).

For more details and to confirm you’ll be attending, go to the Tunisian Blogger Meetup event page.

I hope everyone blogging from Tunisia can make it. I can’t wait to meet you all.

And hey, please spread the word and promote the meetup on your blogs too so we can get as many people as possible there.

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Tunisian Blogger Meetup

I’m trying to organize the first Tunisian Blogger Meetup this month.

The initial feedback I’ve had from some bloggers for the when and where for the meetup is as follows:

When? The time some suggested and that seems to be good for everyone up to now is a friday afternoon after work. I’m thinking something like 7:30PM on April 22nd.

Where? The main places that were suggested are:

– Downtown Tunis (e.g. L’Etoile du nord).
– Les Berges du Lac (e.g. Biwa)
– Sidi Bou Said (e.g. Sidi Chabaane Caf

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