Tunisia Invests in Renewable Energies

Major developments of solar energy and other renewable resources is expected in Tunisia during the next few years.

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4 thoughts on “Tunisia Invests in Renewable Energies”

  1. Well, I think it’s too expensive and not a clean energy source.
    If we’re moving away from Oil, we should try and not move to something that is even worse for the environment.
    It’d be like taking away all those dirty gas omissions and replacing them with radioactive waste.

  2. Hi, I was wondering how well known agrichar is in Tunisia? This simple idea – invented in Australia and described here: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/s2012892.htm
    – has got a lot of Australian farmers with vast tracts of poor soil, as in your country, really excited.

    You can farm soil for carbon sequestration, improving its yield at the same time as producing biofuels to drive the creation of fine charcoals that build soil productivity. We need a program to introduce this idea especially in Africa, I reckon.

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