Star Academy: Vote for Amani Souissi

Amani Souissi

So, it seems like next Friday will be the final prime in this season of the Middle East Star Academy on LBC.

The two students left are Amani Souissi from Tunisia and Hisham Abdel Rahman from Saudi Arabia. Voting for the winner goes on from tonight till next Friday.

From day one of the competition Amani Souissi stood out with her strong and beautiful voice, always getting better and better from prime to prime. This fact is what assured that she got to the finals without ever getting nominated by the academy’s instructors.

I think Amani has one of the most beautiful voices in the Arabic music scene, and I truly wish she was on a show like Superstar instead of Star Academy where she could show her real talent and compete with other great voices.
Anyway, in Star Academy, when compared with all of this year’s contestants as well as all the ones from last year, she beats them all hands down.

So please visit the LBC Star Academy 2 site and vote for her. She truly deserves it.

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