Ski Dubai

Dubai desert gives way to ski resort…

Ski Dubai is a formidable engineering feat, an incongruous 25-storey structure rising from the Gulf emirate’s sands as some 1000 labourers work round the clock building the Middle East’s only indoor ski resort and the world’s third largest.

The brainchild of Majid al-Futtaim, the mountain-themed resort is being built within his group’s billion-dollar Mall of the Emirates, partly to lure people to what will be the third largest shopping centre in the world, and to make it different.

[Source: Al Jazeera]

Man!! Dubai is becoming more and more like a wonderland / amazement park. Unbelievable projects are popping up there everyday, and although they’re all really exciting and wonderful, I wonder why they’re being done?
What is behind this obsession to always build bigger, higher, cooler stuff?
I guess it’s the urge to go the extra step and do things that have never been done before and the beautiful feelings that are felt when they are done.

But how far will this go?
What’s next I wonder?!

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