Public Toilet Obsession

Over the past days, I’ve discovered this mad obsession I have with public toilets.
Seriously, I love everything about them: the place, the smell, the zen, the rush, the passion, the relief… Perfection!

Some of you who have checked out my photos on flickr might have come across the photos I took of some public toilets in the Syrian duty free shop, Jordan’s Le Royale hotel or other places.
But back then, little did I know of this obsession of mine, I just felt a natural urge to take the shots. Now I know why.

I realized my obsession when all I could think about was going out to visit more and more public toilets. I was constantly fantasizing about the next one. I even started dreaming of my favourites.
And so I’ve decided to come out of the closet and admit it to the world.

Really, I’m so into this that it’s going to become the main subject of my blog.
All I’m going to write about is public toilets. I’ll be posting a photo gallery of my favourite ones very soon.
I’m even thinking of doing a live blogging session straight from my favourite public toilet, the one in Tunisia’s central train station.

I’m sure you’ll all love it and enjoy it as much as I will 🙂
Looking forward to redesigning the blog to make it the #1 public toilet blog in the world.
Thanks for your support in advance.

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