Mouled & Assida

Today is the birthday of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), so best wishes to all Muslims everywhere.

The occasion is celebrated in different ways around the Muslim world.

In Tunisia, every home makes Assida, a pudding-like sweet delicacy based on zgougou, these little black seeds taken from a pine-like tree. I don’t know what they’re called elsewhere as I’ve only seen them used here in Tunisia.

I absolutely love Assida, It’s one of my favourite sweets.

On this day family members visit each other and take some assida with them to share. In fact, in the past when people used to care more about their neighbours, they’d also go out and give their neighbours some assida too.

Eman, my wife, made some great Assida this year. I’ll go get myself another serving. Yummy.

Make sure you taste Assida if you ever visit Tunisia. It simply rocks.

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