In Florida: Shoot First, Think Later

Weird law in Jeb Bush’s state…

Florida’s legislature has approved a bill that would give residents the right to open fire against anyone they perceive as a threat in public, instead of having to try to avoid a conflict as under prevailing law.

Outraged opponents say the law will encourage Floridians to open fire first and ask questions later, fostering a sort of statewide Wild West shootout mentality.

Republican Governor Jeb Bush, who has said he plans to sign the bill, says it is “a good, commonsense, anti-crime issue.”

The bill is supported by the influential National Rifle Association.

[Source: Yahoo! News]

I think this law is absurd.
This basically gives people the right to go on and shoot whoever they feel like, under the pretext that they thought he/she was a threat.

I don’t see what’s so common-sense and anti-crime in it!
It seems the Bush family has an obsession with the wild west and stupid decisions.

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