Something that really annoys me in the world today is how people just have to think of themselves in terms of belonging to very specific seperate groups and how they get too obsessed with it all.

Not only that, but this seperation also results in ethnocentrism, where everyone thinks their group is superior to others, thus creating this ugly stupid form of racism.

It comes in many forms, from belonging to religious groups and their subgroups to belonging to geographical areas, countries in those areas, cities in those countries, towns in those cities, neighbourhoods in those towns, families…etc.

I understand the need to associate oneself to a group, it’s in our nature, but this is mad.
Why can’t we all in the end associate ourselves to the group of mankind and accept our differences as enriching factors for this group?
And if we absolutely have to break the group down to billions of seperated subgroups based on borders, religion or whatever else, why do we have to get so mad and fanatic about it, making it into racism and letting it create these deep fractures between us?

Patriotism is a great concept, but why can’t we apply it to our whole world?
Why can’t we open our eyes to the fact that we have more things that unite us all than things that divide us?

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